Photo of a male hiker standing atop a ridge overlooking a vast panorama of green mountain peaks just below the clouds.

Uncertainty Principles

Once again, we are leaving our summer retreat without a solid plan. It’s not for lack of trying (see “Vis-a-Visas” and “Farewell Maine, Hello…?”). But it’s possible that this kind of annual uncertainty is just how our crazy lifestyle is going to go. We’ve always said that flexibility is going to be key for us…

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“So, where is your next destination?” We had barely touched down on U.S. soil when our friends and family began asking us this question. Our minds and hearts were still very much in Ecuador and we loved sharing our stories with anyone who would indulge us by listening. But we knew we also had to…

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Photo of a sunlit mountain range in the distance, past a wide green valley, with a porch deck railing and roof in the foreground.

Hostel Life

Imagine a summer camp for adults: strangers share space, meals, and recreation, sign up for activities, and form bonds quickly. They chat about where they’re from, what they like, what they’ve done so far, and where they’re going next. And then, they all move on, sometimes in groups sharing a destination or an interest, sometimes…

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