Asturias and the Picos

  • photo of a sand-and-red colored church on a point across teal water and waves
  • Three photos: a round mud hut with thatch roof on green grass overlooking the ocean; a stone wall overlooking cargo ships and loading dock, and a stone wall embedded in grass embankments with a row of five tarnished white metal spheres to store propane gas in the background.
  • photo of gray cliffs rising out of teal-blue ocean with green fields on top and a stone inn on the point in the distance.
  • Photo of a wide green, grassy field with white sheep grazing and jagged gray rocky peaks in the background.
  • photo of a sandy-colored chapel with two windows, built into an open-sided cave on a cliff, with a black iron fence along the cliff.
  • photo of a steep gray cliff with a small stone shelter with a red roof built into its base, with more cliffs and green fields in the distance.
  • photo of a ring of jagged rock cliffs atop steep green grass and trees.
  • Photo of a person in a blue cap walking with hiking poles into a small tunnel carved out of a steep cliff, with jagged gray rock peaks and cliffs plunging off the side.
  • photo of a small lake surrounded by jagged gray rock peaks and open green fields.