• photo looking across blue-green water to a village of all-white, 1-2 story buildings on a peninsula on the opposite shore
  • three photos show (left) a person walking on a narrow stone-paved street with white buildings on all sides and a white archway overhead, (middle) ocean waves crashing on a rocks, (right) a brown, round dish with a spoon resting in it, with white-yellow ice cream and yellow-brown flame-broiled crust on top.
  • photo of red trail markers on a post (foreground) with dirt paths through green scrub brush and the ocean and sky in the background.
  • Three photos show (left) a lighthouse painted in a spiral of black and white stripes with blue sky behind it; (middle) a coastal view with a green bluff in the foreground, a stone tower on a rocky outcroup in the middle, and a tiny lighthouse in the distance on the next spit of land; and (right) stone steps leading up a hill to a gate made of tree branches in a gap between stone walls.
  • photo of a stone hut-shaped structure showing a flat front wall with a small opening and a sloped side wall.
  • photo of a wide, empty beach with brownish-gold sand, with two curves and a small point in the middle, surrounded by green bluffs and greenish-blue water
  • photo of yellow flowers in the foreground, beside a gray dirt path carved into a sloping hill, with a person up ahead walking on it, overlooking a rock cliff coastline
  • photo of turquoise and blue water in the foreground with rocky cliffs, green bluffs, and a small cove with a white-sand beach
  • photo of a village with white buildings clustered on a green hillside above turquoise waters, with a white seagull flying in the foreground


  • photo of a city skyline from a hilltop covered in trees, with mountains in the distance and coastline on the left, with the spire of a cathedral, an ornate green park, and historic buildings.
  • photo of a tan vertical cliff next to a dry river gorge with a green trestle bridge entering a tunnel at the bottom of the image, halfway up the cliff, and a tiny walkway with a small fence attached to the cliff.
  • Three photos: left, people walk across a small bridge connecting two cliffs above a deep chasm; middle a woman and man wearing grey hard hats stand in front of a cliff; right, a view of rocky mountains in the sunlight across a green valley, with a small walkway attached to a cliff on the left.
  • Three photos: left, two keyhole-shaped stone archways with a cobblestone path leading through them; center, a arched, oblong, red and yellow tiled ceiling; and right, a series of marble columns with clover-shaped arches above them.
  • photo of jagged, rugged, craggy rock formations jutting up out of a valley with more rocks and a few scraggly green bushes.
  • photo of grey rock formations with jumbled boulders on top of layered flat rocks like stacks of pancakes.
  • Three photos: at left, a mountain goat with large curved horns sits atop a stack of flat rocks; center, a stone fossil of a curved sea creature shell, right two stacks of rocks on either side open in the middle to a view across a valley.
  • photo of a wide flat grey rock shaped like a pommel on a saddle, with a small neck supporting it on a flat rocky ledge overlooking a wide valley.
  • photo of an abstract painting of a child in brown, black, red, and blue, with a face at the top, a hand holding a sand shovel, and legs curled underneath the body.

Pueblos Blancos

  • Photo of a beige stone cathedral with two spires and a dome atop a hill with white-walled houses spread across the hillside beneath it. In the background are mountains and the sun gleaming through clouds.
  • Photo of a cliff-sided hill with a rectangular, stone castle tower on top. Below the cliff is a village of white walled houses set on a hill amid green trees. Blue sky and white clouds are above.
  • Two photos: on the left is a stone castle wall above an arched gate with a bridge leading into another arched gate. Three windows are at the top of the wall. Cloudy skies are above.
  • Three photos: (left): people stand under white shade umbrellas against a white, waist-high wall. Behind them is a white wall with windows, set under an overhanging rock cliff. Middle: a large wooden barrel sits on the floor of a shop with bottles on shelves behind it and an overhanging rock ceiling above Right: a narrow staircase goes uphill between two white buildings with dark-framed windows and a rock cliff overhanging.
  • Photo of steep tree-covered mountains with rocky cliffs and a blue sky behind.
  • Three photos: Left: looking up out of a canyon at at light brown cliffs and a blue sky overhead. Middle: vertical cliffs jut out of a flat dry riverbed with an orange glow coming from around the corner. Right: Gray stalactites and stalagmites jut out of light brown craggy walls.
  • Photo of light brown, curved rock formations shaped like waves. In the background is a rocky dry riverbed and vertical cliffs close together showing green trees through the gap.
  • Three photos: Left: a village of white houses on a hillside sits in the distance, viewed through an arched opening above a stone path. Middle: A white village sits atop steep vertical cliffs with a tall stone bridge across the gorge. Right: Skylights shine through an arched stone ceiling held up by Roman columns.
  • Two photos: Left: a tile mosaic of white-walled houses clustered on a steep hill with a cathedral at the top. Right: a photo of white walled houses clustered on a hill with a cathedral at the top.

Asturias and the Picos

  • photo of a sand-and-red colored church on a point across teal water and waves
  • Three photos: a round mud hut with thatch roof on green grass overlooking the ocean; a stone wall overlooking cargo ships and loading dock, and a stone wall embedded in grass embankments with a row of five tarnished white metal spheres to store propane gas in the background.
  • photo of gray cliffs rising out of teal-blue ocean with green fields on top and a stone inn on the point in the distance.
  • Photo of a wide green, grassy field with white sheep grazing and jagged gray rocky peaks in the background.
  • photo of a sandy-colored chapel with two windows, built into an open-sided cave on a cliff, with a black iron fence along the cliff.
  • photo of a steep gray cliff with a small stone shelter with a red roof built into its base, with more cliffs and green fields in the distance.
  • photo of a ring of jagged rock cliffs atop steep green grass and trees.
  • Photo of a person in a blue cap walking with hiking poles into a small tunnel carved out of a steep cliff, with jagged gray rock peaks and cliffs plunging off the side.
  • photo of a small lake surrounded by jagged gray rock peaks and open green fields.

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