We are Rachel and Al. In July 2021, we both retired from jobs we loved to begin the next great adventure in our lives. We hatched the plan as an interesting idea to talk about, far in the future: someday we want to live in a different country each year, for a full year, for ten years. Now the future is here! Our kids are grown and scattered, our health is still good. We seized the opportunity presented by an early retirement offer to fast-forward the time frame, and here we are, about to launch. COVID has surely complicated things, but, like everyone else, we have learned that things can change in an instant, and we just need to adapt. If you’re interested in following along with our adventure, sign up below! If you want to learn more about us, click on About. If you want to learn more about the plan and what we’ve done so far, click on the links to other articles we’ve written.

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Red leaves and berries frame snow-capped Mount Hood against a bright blue sky.

Oregon Photo Gallery

After leaving Maine, we spent a week in New England and a week in Oregon. In the Photos area of our site, we’ve posted a few photos that capture highlights of our time in Oregon. Next up: Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico!

heart-shaped rock in the center of a weathered stump


“So how does it feel to be rootless?”  The question was asked in a lighthearted way, while sharing a meal around the kitchen table of some dear friends after leaving our summer cabin behind. I had not thought of our status as “rootless,” but I can see how it might seem that way. Every official… Read more Roots

Rachel looking north from Borestone Moutain, Maine

Farewell Maine, Hello…?

In September, we knew that our days in Maine were numbered. Temperatures began to drop, leaves started their colorful celebration of impending doom, and the angle of the sun cast long shadows across the lake earlier and earlier each afternoon. The pandemic may be throwing the world (and our plans) for a loop, but changing… Read more Farewell Maine, Hello…?