We are Rachel and Al. In July 2021, we both retired from jobs we loved to begin the next great adventure in our lives. We hatched the plan as an interesting idea to talk about, far in the future: someday we want to live in a different country each year, for a full year, for ten years. Now the future is here! Our kids are grown and scattered, our health is still good. We seized the opportunity presented by an early retirement offer to fast-forward the time frame, and here we are, about to launch. COVID has surely complicated things, but, like everyone else, we have learned that things can change in an instant, and we just need to adapt. If you’re interested in following along with our adventure, sign up below! If you want to learn more about us, click on About. If you want to learn more about the plan and what we’ve done so far, click on the links to other articles we’ve written.

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photo of a crowd of people waving white and red flags, some in traditional Andean clothes, marching in a disorderly parade across a cobblestone courtyard in front of colonial-style buildings.

The Parade

We didn’t realize that we were arriving in Quito on May Day, or that May Day even mattered. In the U.S., at most it means children with baskets of flowers or a hippie Maypole dance. But, as it is in almost every other country in the world except the U.S., May Day is a big… Read more The Parade

photo of a street at night beside a harbor, crowded with cars and people, winding around a roundabout with buildings and bright lights


From our very first night in Ecuador we knew our sensory experience would be unlike anything we had ever experienced before. What we did not anticipate was how much of an impact the sounds around us would have on how we have felt about our time in various places.  Sure, we expected to be surrounded… Read more Soundscapes

photo of an orange and black butterfly hanging from a silver chrysalis while other black-and-white and shiny silver and gold chrysalises hang above.

Mindo Surprises

In the cloud forests of Mindo, I rediscovered the fresh joy of mountain air. After two months in the equatorial heat on the coast and in the Galápagos—and a 12-hour odyssey by bus and taxi—we arrived for a one-week stay in Mindo, a small valley town about two hours west of Quito. We had traveled… Read more Mindo Surprises