• photo of the pointed tip of a white canoe in the foreground on still black water with wooden steps leading to a wooden plank walk way over wet grass, with thatched-roof huts on stilts and palm trees in the background.
  • photo of light brown water in the foreground, turning into black water mid-way across the river, and a light gray fin cresting the water in the background, with thick green leafy trees behind it.
  • photo of a wet, furry dark brown Sloth sitting in the crook of branches on a leafy tree, looking down at the camera.
  • Photo of a woman looking up at a towering brownish green tree with wide roots angling out from its base, vines and leaves all around.
  • Photo of a hazy ball of sunlight amid a sky full of clouds, behind the wide, spreading, bare branches of a tree above other nearby trees. In the foreground hangs a nest shaped like a dangling ball of string.
  • Photo of large brown snake with yellow speckles pressing its head against the leg of a wooden chair, curled up on a wood-plank floor.
  • three photos (l-r): a bright green frog with yellow belly and feet on a human hand; a gray, armored millipede stretched across a human hand; and two hands gripping a small brown and white fish with its mouth open, revealing sharp teeth.
  • Photo from above, looking down on a long, narrow, white canoe next to a brown dock attached to a thatched-roof hut, sitting on reflecting, brown water and surrounded by leafy trees.

Avenue of the Volcanoes

  • photo of a snow-capped peak rising above low-lying clouds. In front are rolling green fields, a fence, and grazing llamas.
  • photo of a rider on horseback, wearing a brown and white poncho, crossing a stream
  • three photos of llamas (left to right): a white baby standing awkwardly on bent legs next to a mama grazing; the close-up nose and eyes of an adult, and an adult with shaggy brown fur baring its teeth
  • photo of a bright green lake in the crater of craggy ridges
  • photo of two women, one in a teal sweatshirt and dark fedora, the other in a multi-colored hiking shirt, violet scarf, and blue cap, standing in a kitchen with wheels of light yellow cheese in the background.
  • photo of a steep green hill with rows of planted vegetables and a brown patch washed out
  • Photo of a white cascade of water plunging into a pool and spraying up.
  • photo of a mountain ridge on the horizon, surrounded by clouds, with rolling green fields in the foreground

Galápagos—Isla San Cristóbal

  • Underwater photo of two sea lions circling each other.
  • Photo of 11 sea lions, each on its own step of a staircase ascending from water.
  • Photo of two towers of rock separated by a small channel, with blue skies above and blue seas below.
  • photo of two dolphins playing in the waves next to a powerboat.
  • Photo of a white and black bird with bright blue, webbed feet, standing on white rock next to black rock, with bright blue ocean behind.
  • Underwater photo of two orange fish looking straight toward us, showing bright white, rounded teeth.
  • Close-up photo of a white and yellow barnacle, shaped like a cone with fanned-out legs on a black, pock-marked rock.

Galápagos—Isla Isabela

  • photo of a table and chairs on a sandy beach with one leafy tree and one bare-branched tree in the foreground and teal-to-blue ocean and clear blue sky in the background.
  • photo of three dark gray marine iguanas on a black rock with small waves in the background and two more iguanas on rocks in the foreground.
  • Photo of an underwater tunnel through brown rocks, with fish swimming through it and a sandy bottom.
  • Photo of a brown, sunlit sea turtle swimming through green water.
  • photo of six gray sharks with white-tipped tails and fins on the ocean floor.
  • Two photos: a black and white penguin standing on craggy gray rocks; and the shadowy black back of a penguin with its wings flapping underwater.
  • photo of dark red craggy rocks on the left, a curving border, and on the right, black craggy rocks.

Galápagos—Isla Santa Cruz

  • photo of a large gray land tortoise looking warily at us from under his rounded shell
  • photo of teal ocean with two islands in the distance and a wave breaking over rocks in the foreground, about to rush over three red crabs.
  • photo of two gray sea lions
  • photo of people standing at an open-air fish market on a harbor while women scrape and bag fish and a sea lion sits up at the edge of the table.
  • photo of dark gray swimming iguana slithering past rocks in clear water with a sandy bottom
  • Three photos showing (left) two blue-footed white and gray birds, (center) one white and gray bird sitting gently on two eggs, and (right) a black bird with a fully inflated red pouch.
  • photo of a rock spike poking up out of green-blue water next to brown rocky hills and a yellow crescent beach, with red rocks in the foreground and brown hills in the background.
  • photo of a large school of gray-blue fish with yellow tails swimming left to right.

Feliz Navidad from Cuenca

  • Photo of blue church domes above a courtyard with white lights in the shape of an angel.
  • Photo of leafy green trees against a blue sky with red and green flags and other decorations strung between them.
  • Photo of a small shop selling items on the street.
  • Photo of a plastic snowman with a black top hat in front of a store opening onto the street.
  • Photo of a white star in the foreground with a lit cathedral in the background.
  • Photo of a street-front shop with mannequins in it wearing Santa caps and red pajamas.
  • Photo of a cutout Santa face with "Oh Oh Oh" written on his beard.
  • Photo of a stack of human-formed dummies in a vacant lot.
  • Photo of a decorated horse in a parade bearing a young child in red, white, and green dress and a festive hat.