Pueblos Blancos Photo Gallery

Photo of a cliff-sided hill with a rectangular, stone castle tower on top. Below the cliff is a village of white walled houses set on a hill amid green trees. Blue sky and white clouds are above.

You have to see the Pueblos Blancos (white villages) to really appreciate them. Each one has the same ingredients mixed a little bit differently—closely packed white houses on a hillside, clustered around a cathedral, protected by a castle. You can see each bright white village from miles away as you wind along mountain roads; clearly the original villagers relied on their castle for protection rather than on camouflage. When we found ourselves actually staying in one of the castles, we adopted “My Castle in Spain” — the old Disney movie song (campily sung by Buster Poindexter)—as our theme for the week.  But each village also has its own unique personality and claim to fame. They attract tourists, yes, but each village is also a home and a community to local residents, who make the local mamá-y-papá shops, restaurants, and bars viable. Rather than try to describe it with words only, we are sharing a photo gallery. Check it out by clicking here or go to Photos: Spain Photos in the menu above.

2 thoughts on “Pueblos Blancos Photo Gallery

  1. Shirley Wargon says:

    I’m loving every drop of this journey! Thinking one of these white village photos would make a terrific jigsaw puzzle. Too hard for me, but not for you guys.

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