Málaga Photo Gallery

photo of a tan vertical cliff next to a dry river gorge with a green trestle bridge entering a tunnel at the bottom of the image, halfway up the cliff, and a tiny walkway with a small fence attached to the cliff.

We just returned “home” from our first trip in Spain in which we were not carrying all of our belongings with us—our first out-and-back trip from a home base. It feels good to travel lighter and have a familiar place with our creature comforts to return to. We have competing emotions about this: We want to settle in and get to know where we are, but there is so much to see and do in Spain and now it seems that 10 months is just not enough time. So we looked for a place that had interesting hikes in the winter and other sites to see and landed on… Málaga. For a glimpse of what we saw, click here or on Spain Photos (under Photos) above.

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