Photo Gallery: Amazonia

Photo from above, looking down on a long, narrow, white canoe next to a brown dock attached to a thatched-roof hut, sitting on reflecting, brown water and surrounded by leafy trees.

To wrap up our time in Ecuador, we spent a week in the one zone that had eluded us so far: what Ecuadorians call el oriente (the east) and what we know as the Amazon basin. This is the incredibly biodiverse region that is home to a tiny fraction of Ecuador’s population but comprises nearly half its territory (not including a sizable chunk that was taken by Peru in a decades-long war that ended in 1998). It starts on the eastern slopes of the Andes and continues into vast wetlands that flow into Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. While we saw only one tiny piece of it, the diversity of plants and animals was stunning. Here is a small selection of photos to give you a sense of the experience—click on Photos above or click here!

5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Amazonia

  1. Lane Klein says:

    All your preparations for Year 1 produced great dividends. You are pros. I look forward to following Year Two of your ten year travels.


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