Presenting: The List!

Making our travel list of countries

One of the first questions we get when people learn of our plan is: What’s your first country? Usually that’s followed by: What’s on your list?

We usually turn it around and ask people what would be on their list—not because we’re avoiding the question ourselves, but because we always learn new things that way. And our list keeps changing as a result!

Still, people want to know. So, with our intended launch date this fall rapidly approaching, I’ll share with you the list as it stands now. Given travel restrictions, new ideas, and changes in our family lives, this could all change, of course, but here it is as of August 2021!

  1. Australia—Perth, known as one of the most isolated cities in the world. “Endless Summer” beaches, sailing, hiking, the outback, brew pubs, koalas, whales… a long, long way from home.
  2. Costa Rica—incredible biodiversity, tropical beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean, rain forests, volcanoes, and a national credo of pura vida (“pure life” or “simple life”, meaning enjoying life no matter your circumstances).
  3. New Zealand—kayaking with dolphins, the Milford Trek, Lord of the Rings mountains, and the Maori cultural influence.
  4. Coastal Portugal or Spain*—warm, sunny climate, European history and charm, fresh seafood, easy access to other European sites.
  5. Chile/Argentina/Uruguay*—hiking Patagonia, kayaking South American fjords, colorful ports, beach towns, and mountain villages.
  6. Vietnam/Thailand/Malaysia*—about as far from New England as we can get in culture, cuisine, climate. Stunningly beautiful and endlessly fascinating.
  7. North America (by camper van)—national & state parks we’ve never seen, the Canadian Rockies, the Baja peninsula… exploring our own continent with the luxury of time.
  8. Ecuador—beaches, the Andes, access to the Galapagos, plus excellent health care!
  9. UK—a good one for the later years of our plan, with “long walks”, the Scottish and Irish coasts, history, and pubs on every corner.
  10. St. Croix or an island TBD—Ahhh. Time to relax.

* Yes, I know – these are all VERY different countries. But we’re thinking regionally and have a lot of research still to do!

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